Who Should Be Your First Employee? 

Startup companies generally have difficulty hiring those first few employees, partly because employee acquisition is a difficult process in general, and also partly because workers may be reluctant to commit to a startup.

Here are some things to keep in mind for hiring your first employees and for establishing a program of employee retention.

Will freelancers suffice?

If you’re really uncertain about how the first six months to a year might go for your startup company, you might be better off hiring freelancers or temporary help to get you past that period of uncertainty. Even some very skilled positions like accounting and marketing, can be handled by temporary personnel until you get better established. Once your business is stable and flourishing, you can begin to think about employee retention

Ground force first

You’re generally much better off to hire the ground level employees first, because they are the first workers who will be needed to conduct operations. Higher-level executives are not generally needed by a startup company, at least until operations are well underway and a steady revenue stream is incoming.

Flexible candidates

Especially for startups, it’s very often the best policy to hire flexible candidates who are familiar with small working environments and with various job responsibilities. This kind of candidate can operate with autonomy and very little guidance, and prospers when empowered to carry out important job functions which have been delegated. The best workers fitting this description are the ones you should think about when employee retention becomes a factor.

Big business credentials

Generally speaking, it’s better to avoid hiring employees who have big business credentials, because they often turn out to be a not very good fit for your small business. In large corporations, there are often standardized and formulaic processes for accomplishing practically everything, but in a small business environment, everyone may wear several different hats, and there are often no set jobs or responsibilities.

Employee retention is good for your company 

If you’re having trouble retaining your best employees, you may need to invest in a solid employee retention program. Contact us at ASA Capital Funding to explore ways that we might be able to help you with financial assistance that will help to keep your best workers.


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