When Business Teams Work and When They Don’t

One of the tough things about business teams is that you can’t always choose them.

Unless you built a company from the ground up and hired each team member, different employees were likely hired by different managers. But you’re in charge now, so your goal is not only to help everyone get along but help everyone seek excellence. No problem, right?

Doing this requires ongoing attention – you can’t just give a pep talk or individual kudos once. It needs to be an ongoing effort as the company evolves.

At the same time it helps to focus on the company as well. If you are successful in getting your business teams moving in the right direction, what is that direction? Are there specific goals for your company? What do different business teams need to do to accomplish them?

Or do you need to make some changes to your lineup as your company grows? If your company needed strong sales people in the past, maybe it needs more financial people now, or vice versa. If you’re seeking more digital solutions, your business teams may benefit from more developers or designers.

Consider ways to improve your team to grow your organization, while avoiding common mistakes that can negatively impact it.

Seek diversity. Beyond hiring for different skill sets, it’s useful to look for ways to hire people with different backgrounds who can add their own perspectives to benefit everyone. For instance, different cultures, genders, and age groups can all come together well. This avoids having people who are the same and think the same. Future job candidates also might enjoy seeing that you focus on inclusivity.

Provide introductions. This goes beyond walking people around on their first day but giving suggestions to existing team members about the strengths of new team members.  This also goes a long way to improve communication and avoids new employees not feeling welcome.

Be there. Even if you like being hands-off, your team can thrive if you let them know they’re supported and they can contact you anytime.

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