Go Green with these Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Business

The world is facing an environmental crisis, and businesses need to do their part to protect the planet. They can do this by conserving resources in and out of the office. Not only can small measures go a long way toward saving the planet, they also promote a better relationship with consumers and save the business money in the long run.

Use Green Suppliers

Take the time to evaluate the eco-friendly nature of everything coming into the office. This can include:

• Using recycled office supplies 

• Environmentally friendly furniture 

• Partnering with suppliers who adhere to environmentally friendly practices 

• Purchasing recycled office décor  

Take Control of Your Web Hosting

The energy used to power all of the web servers in the U.S. is tantamount to operating several nuclear power plants. This creates a huge carbon footprint and its potential to damage the environment is only growing.

Many businesses don’t realize that they have an option to choose an eco-friendly web hosting company. Look for ones that are powered by renewable energy, and that have a good reputation for conservation.

Eco-Friendly Shipping

Certain shipping methods and packaging supplies can damage the environment. This encompasses things like Styrofoam and nonbiodegradable plastics. It can also be influenced by the shipping methods used.

Making the decision to use recycled paper products in all of your packaging and to depend on a shipping company that utilizes renewable fuel sources can make a huge difference. A little research goes a long way.


Recycling in business is about more than just separating your papers from your plastics. You’ll also have things like electronics and complex machinery to dispose of on occasion. Make sure that this is being done in a way that’s environmentally responsible, and that as much of it is being recycled as possible.

Utilize Renewable Energy

Renewable energy can be considered a company investment. Consider offsetting some of your energy costs by using things like solar panels or wind turbines. Ask your local power company about eco-friendly renewable energy options.

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