Eco-Friendly Business Ideas for the Earth Conscious Entrepreneur

Aside from helping the planet, being eco-friendly has many business advantages: It can lead to financial savings and make your business more attractive to planet-conscious customers and investors alike. This article looks at several ways to launch an eco-friendly business, focusing on specific product and service lines.

Sell Organic Food

If you’re interested in a food-based business, why not tap into the growing demand for organic food? According to the Organic Trade Association, organic sales reached a new high in 2018, coming in at $49.4 billion. This is a growing market, and one that should continue to provide new customers. Even if you don’t want to sell only organic food, consider offering it as an option.

Transportation-Related Services

Another option for an eco-friendly business is to provide services or products related to green-minded transportation. For example, with bikes on the rise in many US cities, there will be increased demand for bike-repair services. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that by 2026, demand for people who can repair bicycles will be 29.6% higher than it was in 2016. Bikes and their maintenance are an environmentally friendly business opportunity.

Eco-Friendly Landscaping and Cleaning

Looking to provide services such as landscaping or cleaning? It is possible to do so in an earth-friendly way that sets you apart from your competitors. For example, eco-friendly landscapers focus on reducing pollution in the water, soil, and air that they work in and around. Eco-friendly cleaners are able to use more environmentally friendly products than ever before to do their jobs. Advertising services that many people need, with the added bonus of being friendly to the environment, can be a surefire way to drum up business.

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