Customer Service: 5 Things Every Company Must Provide

Your organization’s product and services are important, but a vital part of the process is how well you help your customers.

Superior customer service has to be available at every stage, starting when people start thinking about whether to shop from you or someone else. Whether you have a retail location or a site, you need to make sure they are properly guided through purchasing. Then, you need to continue to be available to answer questions, hear complaints or resolve happiness.

Customer service is a good way to encourage people to keep coming back, especially as you start growing a reputation with them as a place that is always responsive and that you are willing to make sure they’re fully satisfied.

Part of this is just being friendly and making sure your staff thinks as a customer. But it also goes beyond this.  Try these customer service strategies:

Know your product

Whatever you’re selling, you and your staff should know all the details in order to answer questions about it. This also includes current offers or its history. Not having this knowledge is an easy way for customer frustration to grow.

Be respectful

Even if a customer is angry or unclear, showing politeness can show you’re willing to help. Even basic courtesies such as “thank you” and “please” help establish a mood of professionalism.

Be ready to listen

Sometimes people may have other things going on in their life. While you’re probably not a therapist, go ahead and hear what’s on their mind. They also will get frustrated if you interrupt or talk over them.

Offer training

Whether your company has a phone customer service team, an online team or an in-person team, they can all benefit from regular sessions on how to work better with people, including listening and resolving concerns.

Keep track of concerns

Rather than simply logging call volume or time, share what’s on people’s minds with company officials. What frustrates them? What can be improved?

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