Can You Benefit From an Unsecured Business Line of Credit?

Are you a business owner who can’t get approved for a traditional loan? Many startups struggle to obtain the funding necessary for success because they don’t have enough collateral to instill confidence in traditional lenders. At ASA Capital Funding, we’re happy to offer unsecured business lines of credit that are based on your business profitability and credit profile instead of the amount of collateral you own.

Program Details

It’s good to open a line of credit when you first start your business. That way you can build up your credit over time and give yourself a fallback if funds run low. Our unsecured lines of credit come with the following details and benefits:

  • No collateral required (as long as credit and financials are good)
  • Introductory rates down to zero percent
  • No subprime loans

Startup businesses with qualifying credit records can potentially receive up to $50,000, even without an established revenue. Established businesses with annual revenues between $1,000,000 and $10,000,000 typically receive up to $500,000 upon approval.

Contact Us

We make it easy for small businesses like yours to apply for unsecured business lines of credit. Finding out if you qualify only takes about 10 minutes and is very affordable. To begin the process, please contact us today and speak with one of our friendly representatives.