Let Us Help You Lease Your Equipment

Every business needs reliable equipment in order to meet the needs of its clientele. We here at ASA Capital Funding understand this better than most, which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to becoming that equipment financing partner that business both large and small can rely on to support their operations. However, many clients come to us ready to take on loans to buy their new equipment. They are often surprised to hear is begin to extol the benefits of leasing.

Why Lease?

It’s always better to buy than to lease, right? In the case of business equipment, that assumption couldn’t be more wrong. Owning your own equipment saddles you with problems such as:

  • Having to come up with a significant up-front investment to secure financing
  • Tying up your company’s borrowing capacity
  • Being left with obsolete equipment when newer models are released every couple of years

When you lease your equipment, you don’t have to come up with a large, up-front sum, your costs are controlled through a low, fixed monthly payment schedule, and you can swap your equipment with newer versions whenever you like.

Our Equipment Leasing Program

We offer lease financing packages that are easy to both secure and manage. Small ticket items of up to $150,000 require no financial statements at all. We offer a wide variety of lease payment structures that require little to no down payment. Government and municipal agencies are guaranteed approval. If you’ve already purchased equipment, you sell it to us to secure a quick infusion of capital, and then lease it back.

Does your company not yet have an established credit history, or worse yet, a poor credit profile? Not to worry; our B, C and D credit programs make it easy to qualify for financing.

Unlike other commercial financing firms, our primary objective at ASA Capital Funding is helping your company achieve success. It’s for this reason that we look for whatever advantage will best help set you on that path. Having easy access to the most advanced equipment available in your industry is one such advantage, and our equipment leasing finance packages can help make that a reality. To discuss what leasing options your company might qualify for, contact one of our finance professionals today.