Making You Infinitely More Affordable

As a business owner, nothing is more disappointing than seeing a client walk out your doors empty handed because he or she simply cannot afford it. Short of giving what you offer away for free, you’re likely willing to do anything you can to ensure that all are able to benefit from your products of services. If you indeed have that ambition, we at ASA Capital Funding have the solution you’ve been searching for.

Outstanding Benefits for Both You and Your Customers

We offer a consumer finance program that allows your customer to secure the credit needed to afford your services. Our program offers benefits and incentives such as:

  • 0 percent introductory rates
  • 6 months same-as-cash options
  • On-the-sport approvals
  • Flexible payment schedules

If you already have your own in-house financing program in place yet are struggling with its management, not to worry; we can help with that, you. We’ll assume ownership of your existing portfolio of consumer credit accounts, freeing you up to focus on doing what you do best: meeting and exceeding your customers’ expectations.

The consumer finance program that we here at ASA Capital Funding offer is virtually guaranteed to grow your customer loyalty greater than you ever thought possible. We look forward to being able to serve both you and your clients. To get the details on just how our consumer financing options can benefit your business, give us a call today.