Turn Your AR into an Asset

Your company’s ability to invoice your customers is likely one of the primary reason why you’re looked at as a preferred product or service provider in your sector. Yet while your clients value this benefit, it puts unneeded stress on your business. We at ASA Capital Funding call it “unneeded” because with our help, you’ll never have to worry about the hassles of accounts receivable ever again.

The Details of Our Accounts Receivable Financing Program

How, you ask? By utilizing our accounts receivable financing program. This lending program works as follows:

  • You sell your outstanding invoices to us
  • We assume the responsibility of collecting from your clients
  • You enjoy the funds the sale generates

That’s it. You don’t have to take on more debt to meet client demand and expand your market share. Through financing receivables, you essentially outsource your AR to us while enjoying the immediate value of your invoices. We then do the rest.

What exactly is “the rest?” We become your factoring partner. We’ll review your new client proposals and analyze them to see if they present a financial risk, thus saving you from the potential of dealing with a future default.

One of the elements that sets us apart from competitors is our ability to help you turn your company’s current resources into financing tools. Believe it or not, your AR is one such resource, and our accounts receivable financing program is the answer you’ve been searching for to help grow your business without incurring more debt. Call today and one of our financial professionals will lay out all of the benefits this program has to offer.