Business Growth Hacks for New Companies

Though new businesses are advised to think long-term and not worry too much about profits while other pieces are being put in place, there’s always some curiosity about what to do when the money starts rolling in.

After all, while many businesses open their doors to provide interesting products or services, a big purpose is to make money. This can provide opportunities for all sorts of things: it can be re-invested back into the company, it can reduce debt. It can go in the owner or investor pockets. It can keep the lights on and bills paid, and indicate to you and others that you must be doing something right.

As more money starts coming in, owners might want to consider other uses of it to promote better business growth.

More outreach

If you’ve been starting small with social media, like a small Facebook campaign, look for ways to expand this. Can you add a larger audience, increase your geographic footprint or increase your budget?

More channels

Most social media experts say to start with Facebook, but if you have the budget for more resources, try to connect to people who prefer other channels, such as Twitter or  Instagram.

New products

The world of business always wants to know what’s coming next. So putting resources into research and development can help you stay ahead of the curve and always have new items in the works. This could also appeal to new customers as well and get customers, and perhaps your whole industry, excited about what’s next.

Better development

You may have an ace sales team that has one community nailed down. Now it’s time to look into expanding their territory or adding new team members for nearby communities. This organic business growth can get your product or service in front of more people.

More customers

Although your prime goal should always be to keep your existing customers satisfied and continuing to buy, it’s smart to figure out ways to bring in new customers. Promotions? Loyalty clubs?

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