Be Prepared for 2019 with These Commercial Real Estate Trends

With the new year already underway, some trends in commercial real estate have already begun developing, and some have been a continuation of trends which developed toward the end of 2018.

Here are some of the most important commercial real estate trends to look for this year.

Industrial real estate boom will continue

Demand remains strong for Class A big-bulk warehouses, which continue to get broad attention from real estate investors, because the demand itself is so broad-based, and because there’s a massive amount of demand for properties associated with the logistics business in general.

Federal Reserve will boost interest rates

Unemployment is at a 50-year low, hovering around 3.7%, and with job growth continuing to increase at a steady rate, federal officials hint that one very likely course of action in 2019 will be to gradually boost interest rates to keep the economy stable. During 2018, interest rates were boosted by federal officials three times, and many of the biggest banks on Wall Street expect another two or three hikes in interest rates this year.

More brick-and-mortar stores will open

The retail industry stabilized to a large extent in 2018, and commercial real estate investors now expect that more brick-and-mortar stores will open in 2019, making them a good investment for the near future. In addition, some existing online stores will branch out, by opening physical stores to supplement their income, and strengthen their market share.

Multi-family units will increase

Because of the increase in urban work forces, there is an increased need for multi-family dwellings to provide housing for the influx of workers. This will drive increasing development for multi-family projects, which makes them an excellent commercial real estate investment for the coming year and for the near future.

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