6 Tricks for Cultivating a Teamwork-Based Office Environment

Great teamwork can lead to enormous success for your business. A team atmosphere keeps employee morale high and increases productivity. Here’s how to create a cohesive team:

  • Establish clear priorities: This helps ensure that all are working toward the same overarching mission, spending time and energy focused on the right tasks, and that they understand their particular role in achieving key objectives. A well-aligned team will avoid delays and confusion, prevent conflict from stepping on each other’s toes, and stop wasting valuable time by duplicating effort. 
  • Define and track goals: Keep everyone headed in the right direction with a clearly outlined roadmap or timeline with milestones. 
  • Encourage creativity: Group brainstorming generates energy and excitement around your work. Stay open to team member ideas and avoid dismissing any prematurely (which could dissuade employees from sharing further ideas). 
  • Streamline work with best practices: Ensure that everyone knows and follows accepted protocols, and you’ll easily achieve consistency. Don’t get stuck with outdated or clunky processes, however. Amend your best practices for major job functions as needed to increase efficiency and accuracy.  
  • Use graphics: Team members will enjoy communicating this way and lively graphics typically command attention, clarify plans and inspire new ideas. Visual aids can also reach employees who are visual learners. In addition, referring to a chart or visual workflow diagram can be quicker than looking up instructions/information in text form, and may be more accurate than asking another team member for guidance.  
  • Foster clear communication: Set a preferred communication channel (email, for instance) to simplify workflow, move quickly and keep everyone updated. With all relevant info in one channel, mistakes and wasted research time are less likely.Bonus Tip: Act on your team’s ideas: Articulate which ideas the team will implement, so that team members know their brainstorming and idea generation are worthwhile—and they’ll remain motivated.   

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